Getting involved in the community through photography

Photography does a lot of good in all areas of our lives, and in every sector of the society. Everyone needs a hand in taking good photos, but not everyone is educated in that area. Community efforts like holding photography classes after school, and conducting summer workshops, are good ways for less fortunate individuals to have a creative outlet. 

Photographers are needed to document community events and sometimes, the lack of funds becomes an issue. Volunteering and offering your service for free can do a lot for a community and its members. It’s true that everyone is able to give back in his or her own way. If your community happens to have special classes after school and on weekends, gather a class that’s interested in seeing the world through a camera lens. Let this class become a creative outlet and a positive way to divert teens from walking in wrong paths in life. 
Photography is a great way to get connected with the youth. You can partner with other photographers a…

A guide to traveling with your camera gear

Every traveling photographer knows the difficulties of packing all camera gear in one bag. This is especially true when backpacking to an area where bringing lots of equipment is discouraged. While the initial reaction can be just to stuff everything one can into the limited space, there are better ways to travel and ensure that camera gear is safe as well. Listed below are some great tips to remember.

Use an old bag: This does seem counter-intuitive. Most photographers would say that purchasing a new bag -- especially one dedicated for cameras -- is ideal to prevent wreckage. This is true; however, using an old bag (but not wrecked!) can address a traveling photographers’ needs just fine. There are two reasons to take note of. The first is that a worn-out looking bag actually has more room than a newly-bought bag. The difference is only a few inches, but this can make a world of difference. Moreover, the bag is more pliable and able to conform to various shapes of gear bein…

The best camera settings for street photography

In street photography, more often than not, you would not be able to stage the scene that you want to capture.These moments are fleeting, and you have to have your camera set up properly to ensure that you are able to click on the shutter button as soon as the moment occurs.

Different photographers might have different preferences and styles, but here are the settings that have worked for many street photographers.
Shutter speed
Because objects, specifically people, will appear suddenly and move through the scene, the right shutter speed is essential so that there is not much blur in the image and, at the same time, the lighting is just right. For scenes that are a bit dark, a shutter speed of 1/160th of a second (or something a bit slower) would suffice. But if it is sunny, the speed can be increased to 1/400th or 1/500th.
Cameras are becoming more advanced than ever. You can now raise the camera’s ISO setting without having to worry about noise or grain ruining the image. Pra…

To filter or not to filter: An introspective

There are few things as divisive in amateur photography as the addition of filters. Most people are familiar with these pre-set tools in Instagram, where they become an almost standard fixture in every picture taken (that and an inspirational quote or two). There are even multiple apps that allow amateur smartphone photographers to achieve these effects—often meant to replicate the aesthetic appearance of vintage photographs—online. 

Before I go any further, let’s look at the reason why the retro look exists in the first place. Much of it owes its existence to low fidelity. A long time ago, back when most photography was done on film, minor flaws present in all but the most professional-grade of cameras would sometimes cause artifacts to form in the photographs. Certain professional photographic fields such as sports photography almost make these unavoidable. Moreover, even photographs that turn out wonderful may eventually degrade with time. 
These created a signature look that…